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Indiana Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

While Indiana, with its wide open spaces, interstate highways, and access to Lake Michigan, is a drug-runner’s dream, the state has been proactive in dealing with its drug problem, and ranks as one of the more progressive in the nation with regard to drug laws. The state uses money seized from drug operations to fund drug rehabilitation and treatment centers, and it early on recognized that jailing non-violent drug offenders was counterproductive. It now focuses on early treatment for minor drug offenders to rehabilitate them before a mild drug habit becomes a full-blown and expensive—or deadly—addiction.

Addiction Recovery

Because Indiana courts can mandate drug treatment instead of incarceration, the chances of nipping a problem in the bud are much greater for drug abusers who run afoul of the law. Those who don’t can still find help rather readily. A quick internet search reveals dozens of programs and recovery centers dedicated to treatment of alcohol abuse and drug addiction within Indiana’s borders. These range from private mental health, counseling, and treatment centers to public drug abuse programs, hospitals, and clinics. Sorting out the bewildering array of programs and facilities is made less arduous by asking some basic questions first, or seeking a recommendation from a trusted doctor or religious figure with experience in drug counseling.

All major cities and most larger communities in Indiana have some sort of local drug treatment facility or alcohol recovery center. There are even centers that specialize in treatment for children afflicted with drug problems or mental health issues. Whichever you choose, evaluate it carefully to understand its approach to the problem. Beware of a rehab center that seems to offer the exact same approach to every problem. Every addict is different, and any program should be tailored to the individual.

Many people are distrustful of for-profit centers for drug treatment or alcohol abuse, yet many times these private facilities are better funded and staffed and can offer a wider range of services than public programs or charitable centers. Sometimes, intervention is required to force a substance abuser to acknowledge his or her problem; most require a period of detoxification, which can require intensive management of withdrawal symptoms; and no program that cannot offer long-term counseling is likely to achieve long-term success. No drug program or alcohol recovery center should be automatically dismissed until you can take a closer look at its staff and programs to see if it is a right fit for your particular problem.


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What makes the right fit? Is it located in Indiana? Proximity makes it much easier for families to be involved. Does it focus on a holistic approach to drug treatment or alcohol recovery? Does it offer family outreach programs designed to heal the whole family rather than just the addict? A well-rounded drug treatment program, and any drug or rehabilitation facility worth the name, will offer more than just detox and a cheerful “good luck” to the newly-clean addict.


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