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New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Sandwiched between New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey is a major crossroads for drug trafficking. Cocaine abuse is rampant in the state, and unlike many other states, heroin is still a major problem here. Families who believe that drug abuse is limited to these two Hollywood favorites, however, may be shocked to learn that their own medicine cabinets are as dangerous to today’s young people as any drug dealer. Prescription drug addiction, including deliberate abuse of drugs like Oxycontin and Hydrocodone, Ambien, or Xanax, is one of the fastest growing problems on the drug front along with club drugs like Ecstasy. Raves, beach parties, and clubs attended by young people are prime breeding grounds for drug abuse.

Addiction Recovery

New Jersey is working toward reform of its drug laws, but drug offenders can still expect stiff penalties. Families must be proactive, therefore, in seeking treatment for any suspected substance abuse problem. A strong network of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment centers in New Jersey serves communities large and small, putting help within easy reach of anyone hoping to kick a drug or alcohol habit.

New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer a wide range of programs. Types of services vary, and you should be aware that drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and treatment programs are not created equal. This often has nothing to do with cost; rather, the focus and goal of the recovery center is important, as well as the services offered to effect a cure. A holistic approach is required to turn an addict’s life around. This must include a long-term goal of “sober for life,” an outreach program that includes family counseling and recovery, and a bit of tough love to force an addict to face up to the underlying causes of his or her addiction.

No drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, in New Jersey or anywhere, can claim a 100% success rate, nor produce results without a rounded approach to the problem. A center that only helps with drug detox will rid the addict of all traces of the drug in the body, but the mind is another matter. Counseling is an absolute requirement to help the person cope with the psychological cravings. Likewise, long-term behavior modification is the only way to identify environmental triggers that send the addict running in search of chemical bliss.


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When evaluating any treatment center, make sure it offers help for families dealing with the long- and short-term effects both of the abuse and of the recovery. Their loved one’s problem is also their problem, and the better treatment centers offer a whole-family approach to recovery. This may include counseling, classes in anger management, nutrition, exercise, and other aspects of getting an addict back to a healthy, normal lifestyle.

New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab centers and treatment programs exist to help people return to normal lives, not to shame or punish. If you can’t find the right center close to home, there are lots more across the U.S. Find one and get started.


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