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3 Signs You Probably Need Rehab

3 Signs You Probably Need Rehab

Author: Justin Mckibben

Going to rehab is not the easiest choice to make by any means, just ask anyone who has ever had to personally make that decision. Choosing to go to rehab can come with a lot of reluctance, doubt and second guessing about what it is exactly that qualifies you to need drug addiction treatment in the first place. Sometimes we question what our loved ones or even our own conscience is trying to spell out for us- that we need real help to escape the grips of a substance we have depended on for so long and always insisted we were in control of.

A safe and structured drug rehab program is frequently necessary for making the first steps toward lasting recovery, but far too many of us avoid seeking formal drug treatment programs because we think we don’t need rehab to change. We think we can do it our way.

The truth is it can be incredibly difficult to separate ourselves from the substances and the destructive behavior that keep us stuck in our addiction without some support, and once an addiction has passed a certain point there are 3 signs you probably need rehab.

  1. You ignore your health

Firstly, substance abuse in itself is commonly the cause of many health risks and serious conditions. Depending on the drug, or drugs, you commonly abuse you will be at risk for a variety of adverse health effects. These are not always physical health issues either. Substance abuse takes a toll on the mind and the body, with a range of symptoms.

  • Physical health concerns of drug abuse can range from mild to fatal, depending on how long the user has been using, the amounts they use, and the type of drug.
  • Most drugs cause deviations in a user’s mental state in some way, often manifesting as increased anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of psychosis.

When you are in the grips of a very real addiction, it is common that you will ignore all signs of serious health concerns or even slight indications of risk factors because it impedes on your ability to actively use, or at the very least justify your using. Avoiding rehab is just another way of avoiding the health concerns you may already be experiencing.

Sometimes we even use these symptoms as an excuse to use.

Mental health and mental illness is also very relevant to this element of understanding if you need rehab. Many statistics show that people with mental illness self-medicate with illicit drug abuse, and often times the substances only exacerbate the issue.

Ignoring your mental health is also a sign that you probably need rehab in order to effectively recover by addressing both the addiction and the mental illness, because trying to treat one without the other is counterproductive.

  1. Drug use is your priority

One of the most clear-cut signs of a serious addiction is when your preferred drug of abuse has become the driving force and focal point of your life. When drug use has become your priority over all other aspects of life it is probably safe to assume you will need rehab in order to escape that pattern.

Addiction is an affliction that will control your mind. If the drug takes precedence over your finances, relationships, interests and responsibilities than you are dealing with an addiction that will make you believe you don’t need these other aspects of your life… so it will probably also convince you that you don’t need rehab.

Once your time, effort and resources are all poured into using, it is probably a sign you need rehab in order to detach from that obsession and show you how important these other things actually are. A lot of times we don’t see what we are letting go of until we have been removed from the drug, and going to rehab gives you a chance to reevaluate where your priorities are.

  1. You have failed to quit on your own

Just because you are addicted doesn’t mean you haven’t tried to quit before. Technically, addiction is commonly referred to as a chronic condition that is characterized by periods of recovery and relapse, but this doesn’t have to be an endless cycle.

Whenever drug use is restarted and a relapse occurs, a renewed commitment to abstinence is frequently necessary in order to return to an effective and lasting recovery.

Now this is not a declaration that rehab is the only way to heal. People all over the world try different methods every day to put an end to their addiction, with self-help groups and outpatient treatment being the most heavily utilized. There is no denying the value in such programs, but the reality is to begin an effective program of recovery for someone familiar with relapse of continuously attempting to get clean and failing on their own, these might lack the intensity required to facilitate a lasting change.

Many of us say we want to quit, be never really make the effort. Others actually sweat it out and grit our teeth through some tough times trying to find a way out, only to find ourselves back in the same mess again. It is probably a sign you need rehab if you always use again even after trying to quit, because you will be given a structured opportunity at rebuilding in a rehab program.

Realistically you can come up with as many excuses as you want to avoid going to rehab and getting the help you need. There are a lot of really important reasons to get help, and these are just 3 signs you probably need rehab, but they are not requirements to evaluate where your addiction affects your life and what changes you’re willing to make.

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