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6 Drug Mixes That Seriously Mess Up Your Body

6 Drug Mixes That Seriously Mess Up Your Body

Author: Justin Mckibben

As a recovering addict my personal experience has shown me time and time again that most of us addicts tend to mix multiple substances when actively using drugs, because what’s that they say- 1 is too many, and 1,000 is never enough. One way I translate that is to think that it was never enough to just use a little of one drug, or even just use one drug, I had to take two of everything on the menu.

Using multiple drugs is also referred to as polysubstance abuse, and this kind of drug abuse is popular both among drug users chasing new highs and those hoping to counteract the effects of one drug with another. Sometimes you might have heard someone say they take drug A to pick them up, but later need drug B to bring them down or “even them out” in an effort to rationalize taking various substances.

Common sense should tell you that given the fact most narcotic substances are dangerous and even lethal by themselves, using multiple drugs can amplify the dangerous health effects of individual substances and make you more likely to overdose.

So, let us take a closer look at some of the more popular drug cocktails used by substance abusers to see what happens to your body and brain during these risky and often deadly drug combinations.

  1. “Speedball”= Crack Cocaine + Heroin

Mixtures of crack cocaine and heroin, frequently referred to as a “speed-ball” have led to several notorious celebrity overdoses, including most recently Lamar Odom’s in October 2015.

The combination of crack cocaine and heroin is of course dangerous because both drugs distort the user’s judgment, and also using a dangerous amount of crack makes you more likely to ingest a dangerous amount of heroin and vice versa.

These mixtures create a dangerous cycle of drug abuse, and according to Scientific American the effects of stimulants such as crack cocaine make you more likely to overdose on heroin because you use more to get the effect of the depressant that is being masked by the stimulant.

  1. “Candy Flipping”= MDMA + Acid

This is another infamous drug combo with two high-profile substances- MDMA and LSD. These two are both potent hallucinogens, and in combination are used to intensify auditory and visual illusions, something quite common at raves and music festivals.

What people might not realize is LSD has stimulant as well as psychoactive hallucinatory properties. For this reason experts say combining ecstasy pressed pills or “Molly” capsules with LSD can put people at an elevated risk of overdose.

Probably what makes this even worse is that both substances are often diluted and mixed with unknown ingredients. Combining one drug like this with another of unknown contents has potential to end tragically because it is impossible to predict how the two will react to each other.

In 2014, Drug Policy Alliance analyzed 250 samples sold as “molly” and found that 40 contained MDMA and adulterants and 124 contained no MDMA at all.

  1. Cocaine and Alcohol

Addicts abusing alcohol and cocaine together are pretty pervasive among casual cocaine users, but mixing alcohol or another depressant drug with a stimulant like cocaine can make the diminishing effects of the upper more pleasant, but it can also put a severe strain your heart.

Ingesting alcohol and cocaine simultaneously produces cocaethylene, a byproduct that can counteract the effects of a nasty cocaine crash but also may endanger users. Studies show that cocaethylene may be equally or more cardiotoxic than the actual cocaine itself, so essentially mixing in the alcohol only increases the toxicity of the cocaine.

  1. MDMA and Alcohol

Again, MDMA is a stimulant and throwing alcohol in the mix is going to spell trouble for a lot of people, but also mixing alcohol and MDMA can be risky because both substances dehydrate the body and put intense pressure on your kidneys and liver.

  1. Ketamine and MDMA

Drug abusers will often take MDMA at the beginning of a party to get the stimulant effect, then use Ketamine or “K” to come down. Ketamine being a sedative and MDMA a stimulant, it is always a great deal of unnecessary jeopardy to try and mix these two extremely opposite chemicals.

These combinations can be dangerous because there is little research on how the drugs interact, and it’s easy to overdo the sensitive ratio on either end. The impact of ketamine abuse will habitually amplify throughout the night, and users who are already high on MDMA may be unable to notice K’s effects early on and find themselves in a serious “K-hole,” which can quickly turn into an overdose.

  1. Ketamine and Alcohol

According to Dr. Adam Winstock, founder of the Global Drug Survey, the organization has so far determined that ketamine and alcohol the most dangerous popular drug combination.

Consuming alcohol immensely increases the bladder problems triggered by ketamine because of the dehydration. Putting these two extremely powerful depressant drugs into your body together can create a lot of physical turmoil, and alcohol increases the inebriated effects of ketamine putting people in even greater danger of risk behaviors.

Polysubstance dependence is surprisingly an overlooked term, but many people don’t even realize that they have poly-substance dependence. Most drug mixes will seriously mess up your body, and some can kill you, but finding help with your addictions can also teach you how to live without needing a substance.

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