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7 Types of Toxic People

7 Types of Toxic People

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Author: Justin Mckibben

You ever had that person in your life you felt was poisoning you on an emotional, mental or spiritual level?

Better question… have you ever been that person?

This is someone who has a real talent for bringing the worst out in people, or someone who takes pride in their shortcomings instead of working toward outgrowing them.

Toxic people take more away from your life than they ever contribute. This doesn’t make them bad people, just people who have more potential to harm you than help you. So let’s look at 7 types of toxic people in your life you could work toward separating yourself from.

  1. The Hater of Happiness

Hate is toxic. Happiness is something toxic people will see in your life and detest you for it, typically out of jealousy. This person cannot stand it when you are in a good place, and want only to see you where they are or lower so they don’t have to feel less-than. The hater of happiness will try to ney-say every positive and speculate the faults in every achievement. Don’t let them change your mind for you. They tend to be in a better mood when you are at your worst.

If you find yourself in a bad state, and someone is more than happy to make matters worse, then you should make sure to let them know your happiness does not depend on their approval.

  1. The Judge and Jury

Some toxic people just believe their opinions should matter more to someone else than their own, and they will go out of their way to make sure you know exactly what they think of you and why.

Toxic people usually make comments on the shortcomings of others, and they want to influence you to join their own personal jury of life to label and discriminate against others for their enjoyment.

Having healthy boundaries with these people often means expressing humility regularly and trying to recruit them to do the same.

  1. The One Man (or Woman) Show

Selfish, Self-seeking and inconsiderate. These are common traits in a lot of people these days. Too many people are so caught up in their own lives they forget to care about each other, and we forget about helping one another.

Selfish toxic people will ignore the needs and concerns of others, and ironically they expect more than their share of consideration from others. It’s an all eyes of me mentality, and boundaries can be built with these people by emphasizing your self-worth and do your best not to let them rent space in your head.

  1. The Intimidator

This is the bully of the group. Toxic people not only think about keeping others down or just talk about it; they also go out and try to physically and emotionally harass people. They typically try to make themselves a reputation with threats, assaults, harmful pranks, etc.

The best boundary you can set with this type is to speak out against their intimidation tactics, or avoid them altogether. Pick your battles.

  1. Hostage Taker

Misery loves company, and toxic people like to include as many others as possible. The hostage taker will abuse the emotions of others, or force their own issues onto another person in order to spread their grief or negative energy around and have some sense of connection.

It is one thing to reach out to others for support or even advice, but to try and pull people into a rut just so they don’t have to feel alone in their strife is unhealthy for everyone involved.

  1. The Victim

The victim is the toxic person who refuses to take any manner of responsibility for their own life. They are always suffering because of someone else, or they are always acting like they are hopelessly powerless to overcome any adversity.

The problem with the victim is they want to feel sorry for themselves and expect others to feel sorry for them without ever actually trying to change their circumstances.

  1. The Nonbeliever

This is the ultimate doubter and Debbie-downer right here. This type of toxic person will always find a way to say ‘no you can’t’ or ‘I give up’ just when you need it least. They drain all hope and optimism out of every opportunity, and they refuse to be open minded long enough to see any other side of a conversation; especially if it requires them to have some trust in someone else.

Nothing wrong with constructive criticism or realism, but the nonbeliever will not bend on any obscurity or tolerate any creative alternatives, they simply do not support others ideas, or are at best skeptical of everything. They will smother your dreams if you let them, even if only because they themselves don’t understand those dreams.

Toxic people are everywhere, not just in active addiction. There are also plenty of toxic people at home, at work and even in recovery. The point is, no one is perfect. You choose who to be around, make it a healthy choice.

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