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What Jamie Lee Curtis Knows About Addiction After 18 Years Sober

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is not shy about her sobriety. In fact, the actress calls her 18 years of sobriety “the greatest thing” she’s ever done in her entire life. In a recently aired interview, Curtis opens up about her sobriety and a myriad of other hardships she’s endured over the course of her career. ….

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Charlize Theron Opens Up About Her Father’s Addiction Battle

Author: Shernide Delva While watching YouTube on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was interrupted by a trailer for Atomic Blonde, a movie starring Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron. The trailer was not like any trailer. Instead, it showed the actress doing a variety of intricate stunts behind-the-scenes. The scenes were pretty fierce, and I ….

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