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23 Victims of K2 Overdose in Just 24 Hours

Author: Justin Mckibben The synthetic cannabinoid K2 has gained infamy over time, with distributers advertised it originally as a legal version of marijuana. In recent years it has been called by plenty of names, including: Spice Fake Weed Scooby Snax G-Force SPAZ Black Mamba Nice Guy Cloud 9 There are extensive lists of hundreds of ….

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California Bans Spice After Overdose Outbreak

Author: Shernide Delva California has had enough. A month after more than 50 skid row residents were hospitalized for Spice in less than a week, the drug has officially been banned. ┬áBack in August, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued warnings about the Spice poisoning to health care professionals. However, it did ….

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