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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL Defined

The combination of mental health disorders and addiction is not an uncommon one, and both recognized as medical conditions by medical professionals.

There are specialized outlines of treatment available specifically designed to treat these two conditions simultaneously, addressing a variety of mental illnesses and substance abuse issues. This is called ‘dual diagnosis’ and it encompasses several therapeutic tactics to properly identify and incorporate both issues head-on.

Too often someone seeking treatment for addiction fails to recover because of a mental health disorder that goes unnoticed and untreated, but with dual diagnosis treatment both issues are noted and attended to in order to support lasting recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL: Location

Of course the beaches and sunshine of beautiful Miami is located in Southern Florida, and of course it is amazing that there is a vast recovery community in South Florida, and dual diagnosis treatment in Miami building a foundation for individuals in recovery to connect with that community.

The tranquility of sunny South Florida is ideal for the initial healing process, and attending a dual diagnosis treatment in Miami, FL instills an atmosphere of serenity that brings beauty and serenity into this process that can often seem nerve-wrecking at first.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL: Detox

A team of specialists work together to establish a treatment plan specifically outlined for the individual based on the information gathered during an initial intake evaluation in order to properly understand and assess the person’s health care needs. This team will include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Therapist
  • Medical doctor
  • Nursing staff
  • Case worker

The treatment plan will help track progress and focus on key concepts of the individual’s recovery, such as medications and modalities of therapy offered by dual diagnosis treatment in Miami.

Detox typically takes place over the first couple of days, sometimes lasting a week, and is done with support from a strong medical staff to maintain physical health while weaning off of whatever substances the person was abusing.

In detox a patient will also meet with each of the care specialist team members, including the psychiatrist and physician, to be prescribed and given any medications deemed necessary in the course of care.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL: Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment usually takes place over a 30 day period, unless further care is necessary, during which an individual will begin to feel better both physically and mentally/emotionally as the drugs or alcohol will be leaving the system while the therapeutic medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety prescriptions help keep the patient comfortable.

Inpatient rehab includes access to both individual and group therapy sessions, along with other courses and activities offered to help teach the recovering addict or alcoholic important information regarding the disease of addiction and how addiction and mental illness often coincide.

A huge part of this critical stage of treatment is learning and developing new skills and coping mechanisms for maintaining mental, physical and emotional health in recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment in Miami, FL also takes the time to teach about the importance of understanding your mental health disorder as a condition and not a defect, and how to proactively and productively address it.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL: Outpatient

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) usually follows the inpatient stage of dual diagnosis treatment in Miami, FL, and attending IOP is a step down as far as structure, while still providing support and accountability with ongoing therapy with a therapist and in peer groups.

IOP exists as part of dual diagnosis treatment in Miami, FL to consistently offer support while individuals begin to reestablish a life outside of the treatment center, finding work and creating a network in the area of clean and sober supports.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Miami, FL: Continued Care

While attending the outpatient program, people in recovery from drug addiction and mental health disorders will continue to work with a case worker, as well as with a therapist and psychiatrist, all of whom will assist with creating an aftercare plan that is tailor-made just for you.

Having some sort of program for continued care after completing treatment is not only a good idea; it’s guaranteed by law, to ensure that recovering addicts or alcoholics have the opportunity to be set up with the best-suited medical specialists so as to continue with both therapeutic treatment and prescribed medications if necessary.

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