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John Mayer Admits He Has Replaced Alcohol With Marijuana

John Mayer Admits He Has Replaced Alcohol With Marijuana

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John Mayer is opening up about his new relationship, and this time it’s a different relationship than we’re used to hearing about from the singer/songwriter. These days, Mayer revealed he’s formed a relationship with marijuana.

“I put [weed] where drinking used to go, and the quality of life has gone up considerably,” he stated in an interview with Rolling Stone

In the interview, Mayer says he’s “entering cannabis life” and explains how he replaced alcohol with weed. Mayer made headlines last year when he, along with members of the Grateful Dead, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and promoted marijuana legalization.

“Drinking is a f*****g con,” Mayer said in the interview.

Mayer elaborates on how he was always trying to figure out the perfect balance of how intoxicated he wanted to get and failing. This type of behavior is common among those with alcohol use disorder.

“How much is enough? Every time I drank, I was looking for some sort of regulated amount… I always feel like I went overboard.” Mayer continued.

Still, Mayer is quick to clarify that he did not have a drinking problem. Instead, he says drinking always felt wrong for him.

Although Mayer says he does not like “altered states,” he says he’s become “much more open-minded to small changes in consciousness.”

Mayer’s experience reflects a major trend in cannabis consumption. New findings released by Eaze, a cannabis technology company that connects users with medical marijuana delivery, found that 4 out of five people surveyed (87%) have reduced their drinking because of their marijuana use. Furthermore, 1 in 10 (13%) fully replaced their alcohol consumption with alcohol.

They also found that the majority of consumers consume cannabis at night, consistent with the times most people reach for a glass of wine or beer.

Furthermore, more people than ever are using cannabis as harm reduction, using it as a replacement for prescription opioids for chronic pain treatment.

Marijuana Maintenance: Does it work?

Marijuana maintenance continues to be a controversial subject in the recovery community. While some may swear by it, others are not as convinced.

Many who struggle with alcohol and other drugs use marijuana because they feel it is a good harm reduction strategy. Furthermore, marijuana does not have the same withdrawal symptoms like other drugs.

Not long ago, we published an article about a California rehab that received scrutiny after it was discovered that the rehab incorporates marijuana in their addiction treatment program. The varied use of marijuana continues to receive mixed responses when it comes to addiction treatment.

Still, there remains a lack of evidence supporting the use of marijuana in the addiction treatment process. Furthermore, it is possible that the use of marijuana can lead to a relapse in those susceptible.

How does this happen?

Even if a person does not have an issue with marijuana, it could increase the temptation to use. Cannabinoid receptors closely tie into the brain’s dopamine systems. These chemicals play a role in reward—motivated behavior.

While there are always success stories from clients who have used marijuana maintenance plans successfully, for the most part, the risks remain.

Overall, although we wish Mayer success in his journey, we do have to warn others that marijuana maintenance is not the ideal choice. Instead, we recommend you learn the tools necessary to stay sober. If you are struggling with mental illness or addiction, please call now. Do not wait.

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