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The Major Consequences of Heavy Drinking

The Major Consequences of Heavy Drinking

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Author: Shernide Delva 

The media likes to glorify drinking alcohol as a way of “unwinding” after a long day or as a way of socializing on the weekend. The truth is, while some people can handle the occasional drink, many people cannot. Heavy drinking happens faster than we expect it to at times. The consequences of that action, however, can last a lifetime. Think to yourself: Is it worth it?

When you drink, your body becomes more tolerant of alcohol. As your tolerance builds, you need to drink more to feel the effects of the alcohol. For many, this tolerance results in a stronger desire to drink more and more alcohol. If you are in this cycle, know it is not easy to get out. Alcohol has links to depressive thoughts and harsh physical symptoms.

If you struggle with alcohol dependency, it will be difficult to stop drinking alcohol without a professional assistant. The kind of treatment you need will be dependent upon the amount of alcohol you are regularly consuming and the length of time you have been drinking.

Once the cycle of drinking has become a part of your routine, and you are regularly drinking. Eventually, your drinking will have a severe impact on your health.

When alcohol use becomes a dependency, often many of the things you do to stay healthy will take a backseat to drinking. Some will find their exercise routine starts to cease or your diet is negatively affected. Rather than eating nutritious foods, you binge on junk food. You may find more comfort from high fat, junk food that temporary comforts you.

The next part that happens is liver damage. Alcohol processes in the liver, so drinking affects this area. Over time a host of problems can occur in the liver. Those with pre-existing liver conditions must keep a close monitor of their health and wellbeing altogether.

Furthermore, your kidneys and liver already work overtime to keep your body functioning. Drinking alcohol just forces your liver and kidneys to focus all their energy on processing that alcohol. When a person consumed large quantities of it, the body does everything to get rid of it. If the body is unable to process the alcohol or free itself of it, alcohol poisoning occurs.

You should never underestimate the consequences of heavy drinking. There are a variety of ways your drinking is affecting your life. Here are just two social impacts:

  • Employment
    Drinking too much often results in a detrimental behavior at work. Completing daily tasks becomes more difficult and may struggle to get through the work day. Calling out of work may become a common occurrence. Over time this behavior will prevent a person from progressing in the company and may even get them fired. Worse of all, if you lose your job for alcohol use, it will be hard to seek alternative employment because of the difficulty in securing a proper work reference.
  • Relationship Problems
    Unless a person is in a relationship with another addict, heavy drinking will affect your relationship. Once the alcohol has become a need, relationships will dwindle down the bottom of the priority list. The emotional distress heavy alcohol use may cause the end of the relationship. In a time when you need the most suppose, you may end up alone. Do not let this happen to you.

Are you drinking too much? Those suffering from alcohol dependence need to understand they are not alone. Your situation is not out of the ordinary. Many people have been in the same situation and more will suffer in the years to come.

Once your face that your alcohol use has become a problem, you can begin to take positive steps to change the direction of your life We have the tools to give you the best chance at a sober life. Call today.

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