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What Jamie Lee Curtis Knows About Addiction After 18 Years Sober

What Jamie Lee Curtis Knows About Addiction After 18 Years Sober

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is not shy about her sobriety. In fact, the actress calls her 18 years of sobriety “the greatest thing” she’s ever done in her entire life. In a recently aired interview, Curtis opens up about her sobriety and a myriad of other hardships she’s endured over the course of her career.

Curtis sat down with Chris Connelly at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April. She was there to promote her documentary Hondros, which tells the true story a photojournalist who was killed in 2011 while covering the conflict in Libya. Connelly asked Jamie Lee Curtis was the most profound moment in her life and Curtis answered simply: her sobriety.

ABC News contributor Chris Connelly has interviewed a plethora of celebrities, athletes and public figures over the past three decades. His new digital series, “The Callback” is focused on reuniting with stars he has a history with to catch up on their lives and careers.

In the fifth episode, filmed during the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City, Connelly interviews Jamie Lee Curtis who declares her sobriety was the most important.

“If you had to pinpoint one thing that will be important at the end of my life, it would be my sobriety,” Curtis said in the interview.

When Connelly mentions that the public does not tend to associate her with the stereotypical behaviors of drug addiction, Curtis was quick to reflect back on a time when all she wanted was that next prescription. Fame did not help matters at all.

“I remember the feeling of wanting that prescription,” Curtis said in the interview. “I was an opioid addict, hidden, only got more famous and more attention during it. And it was one of the most humiliating, shameful secrets, and you know, I’ve had a couple. It was horrible, and I’m very lucky. I’ve been in recovery for a long time; I work with a lot of people.”

Still, along with the bad, Curtis says her fame afforded her privileges many other people struggling do not have. She explained to Connelly that opioid addiction is an epidemic that is affecting the middle and lower-class just as much as it does celebrities, if not more.

The opioid epidemic has reached unheard of number in the past decade. In 2015, there were more than 32,000 opioid-related overdose deaths, and this number increased by 19% between 2015 and 2016. Among women, the rate of heroin use has doubled between 2002 and 2013. These statistics are so alarming that addiction experts are calling the opioid addiction epidemic a full on crisis.

Curtis says she does not try to have all the answers, but she feels as a person who has recovered for close to two decades, that she can be a public figure for those struggling with an addiction simply by being authentic about her own personal journey.


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