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The Holistic Addiction Treatment Program "Your Gateway to Lasting Recovery"

G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program is a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehab and treatment center with a comprehensive and integrated Mind-Body-Spirit approach to the treatment of addictions and co-occurring disorders. We have over 20 years in the business of helping fellow addicts and alcoholics to recover from the torments of their addictions and we are fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations- the Gold standard in Health Care Quality Assurance.

We know the barriers to successful drug and alcohol treatment that a person’s environment of people, places and things cause and provide a safe a supportive living environment in our beautiful gated community. Recovery Coaches are on premise 24 hours a day seven days a week and the entire community has state of the art security cameras throughout.

Each client receives over 40 hours a week of individual and group therapy and all of our therapists hold a masters degree or beyond in their respective disciplines. We match each client to the therapists whose treatment modality will best serve the individual. Treatment modality specialties include but are not limited to: Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Transformational Therapies. In addition each client receives either a full body acupuncture or full body therapeutic massage treatment or a colonic or Reiki energetic once a week.

Our Medical staff includes our Medical Director and two Psychiatrists as well as our full time on site Registered Nurse. Each client is given a full blood work up and the results are reviewed by our medical staff and interpreted to the client. We have a staff of over 80 people to take care of our clients.

In order to best detoxify the clients our regimen includes weekly spa visits for whirlpool, steam and saunas. In order to rebuild the body and regain self-confidence we take the clients to a world-class gym 3 days a week and to Karate classes one day a week. In order to better balance and focus the mind the clients are taught meditation techniques and go to a yoga class once a week.

Nutrition is critical to rebuild the body and the mind and our chefs prepare low carb high protein meals that are specifically designed by our registered nutritionist to support the rebuilding process and to instill good nutrition awareness.

We are one of the few treatment programs in he world that provides as part of treatment a complete hair element analysis in order to develop the individual biochemical profile of the clients vitamin and mineral deficiencies or excess. The hair element analysis also scientifically identifies any heavy metals that may be present in the client’s body and brain. From his detailed profile we can create a custom supplementation program to rebalance the body's chemistry, which in turn significantly increases the individuals sense of well-being and over all health.

Addictions deplete critical neural transmitters and we have developed a proprietary formula of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are tailored to the individual based on their hair analysis and their substances of abuse. We are a reality oriented program that does not believe that isolation best serves the recovery process. Clients are allowed to have their cell phones, lap tops and PDA’s with them while in treatment.

By successfully integrating these Holistic addiction treatment components we provide each client with the best foundation they can have for achieving not only lasting recovery from their addictions but as importantly a better way of living a successful and joyous life.